I Think I'll Start That List... Tomorrow

You know how it goes.

"Oooh, and I'll need one of those, and that thing, and this other bit, which leads me to thinking about this other project entirely, and for that project I need this thing, and oh, I'm gonna need some shelves and I really have to email this person that asked me about making table pieces for their wedding and maybe I can find out who that other lady was that wanted 700 tiny bowls last January..."

Seriously. This is how my brain works. By the time I get to the part where I realize I should be writing something down, I am only able to remember "Email Julie".

At that point, I get overwhelmed, because I'm just making notes on my phone, because I can't start making a written list without the proper notebook which I haven't found yet. My notes start to look like this:

  • Kiln 
  • Wheel
  • Clay
  • Glazes
  • Ideas
  • Sales
  • Clients
  • A better way of taking notes

So I keep putting off the actual list making. Starting to make the list for real means that I have to sit down with the Internet, do some research, look at glaze samples, and man does that take some time and space. I definitely couldn't do it while in NYC working Fashion Week, so this meant the earliest I could start doing the actual research would be late September. This makes my timeline pretty tight, since I want to be able to start production in November to have some new inventory and the ability to make custom items for the holiday season, and I need to have a couple of weeks to calibrate my kiln (which will take four weeks to build) and make test tiles.

Fast forward a bit, and late September arrives. Armed with my fancy new Rhodia notebook, I start making my actual list. The kiln line item now has a product code next to it, as does the wheel. Glazes have been carefully considered for their standalone qualities and what I hope they might do when combined. I've added five gallon buckets, whisks, a fancy scale, and plaster recycling slabs. I have a crisis of creativity over which type of clay I'm going to buy, but ultimately decide on three clay bodies - a nice porcelain that matures at ^6, a medium brown stoneware with grog that I'm familiar with and have been using for years, and a dark brown stoneware that should fire to a deep chocolate color. I've even included an extra splash pan for my wheel, to make switching between the brown stonewares and the white porcelain even simpler.

After a couple of days of contemplation, adding items here and there to my three page equipment list, I decide to get a quote from The Ceramic Shop in Philadelphia. I've been ordering small items from them for years, and have been super satisfied with my experiences with them. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone there is really helpful, and the prices are competitive.

There's just one little thing that I still need to sort out - how am I going to pay for all of this?