Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

I mean, I just assume they are. Strange things are always happening at gas stations in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway. That's not what I'm here to talk about. Big(ish) changes are coming to Everyday Stoneware! The basic story is that I'm changing selling platforms (again), and I'm re-routing most of my sales back to Etsy. For the very small amount of selling and shipping that I do, it's cheaper, easier, and more streamlined for me to revert back to Etsy. The selling platform there is very concise, and the ease of calculating shipping and printing shipping labels is hard to beat.

I will also be testing out the new Handmade at Amazon platform (as soon as I can sort out enough time to start setting up a profile and creating listings). I think Amazon will be a place mostly for random (old), inventory items, and I will work on the Etsy shop being more about custom and more recent work, as well as specializing in my hand painted work.

So what happens here? I'm glad you asked, millions of followers.

This website will serve as a gallery, blog, and signpost to the Etsy/Amazon pages. I will also post here when I plan on being in craft fairs and holiday shops (hint hint, keep your eyes peeled - more info coming SOON on this), as well as link to any other potential online sellers that are selling my work.

So, in conclusion, there will still be things to be seen here. Hopefully I can get some better product shots (things actually in use, with some sense of scale) for people to get a better idea of the scope of my work, as well as how it might be used in everyday life!

But for now. Construction awaits!