In My Free Time

I have discovered (as I know many, many other people before me have) that it is stupid hard to have a full-time job and also a full-time pottery career. Now, let's be real - I don't really have a full-time job - I freelance, which means sometimes I work for fifteen days in a row for eight hours (usually more) in a day, and then I spend two weeks not working at all and spending most of that time (usually six hours or more in a day) at the pottery studio. As a result, my pottery work tends to happen in fits and starts. Since my photography studio is also our drafting table at which my husband works on his jobs at home, I have to have enough work to take pictures of to validate setting up all of my lighting and backgrounds and I spend a few hours taking pictures of new things to post on the website.

This might be the reason you don't see one or two new pieces for sale every week - it's going to be more like "Here are 15 new pieces!" all in one day. I just finished glazing about 20 pieces at the studio over the last couple of days (thanks, blizzard!), so those will be out over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully I should be able to take pictures of them and make them available to you... in about a month.

Production pottery is just not easy when you're also trying to make a living in NYC. It may sound like I'm whining, but I'm really just annoyed that I still have to sleep because I could get so much done during that time! And forget making homemade meals and finding time to relax and take care of myself. That all just goes out the window.

So I guess this is my long way around to apologizing for not having exciting new material to share with you every second of every day. Now, if someone wanted to pay me just to make pottery... well, you know where to find me!