Day One

So here's where it all starts! I've been working on the website on and off for about a month now, including taking and editing product pictures, setting up payment accounts, organizing and polishing the look of the page, changing my mind, reworking the entire thing, ordering extra shipping materials, weighing my pieces... oh, and all along with filling holiday orders for friends and family.

It's been a really, really busy month. But! I think I've made it. The website is here, it works, you can type 'everyday stoneware' into Google, and I'm pretty sure it comes up on the first page of results (yippie!!).

Of course, all that being said, the website is far from 'finished'. There's so much more I want to do with it, and so much more pottery that I want to make! As I write this, I'm in the process of finally making my own glaze test tiles to really nail down the combinations that I like, and hopefully, this will help me to start streamlining the work. Ultimately, I'd like to be a little bit country (production potter) and a little bit rock and roll (artsy, individual). Some pieces will be one of a kind, and others will be repeats of already existing work.

Who knows what I'll get into this year! Anything could happen. Happy New Year, internet! I hope 2015 is awesome.